Diamonds of Performance

How Magicians Fascinate Their Audience

Diamonds of Performance Vol I & II
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Diamonds of Performance Vol I & II
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“A new and entirely useful tool to analyze a performance of magic.
These routines never fail to bring the house down! His Miser’s Dream is the best I have ever seen.”

Pit Hartling (from his foreword)

“A must-read for every serious performer of magic.
With absolute clarity, Christian analyzes magic in a very comprehensive manner and helps you to see and understand your own act from every relevant perspective.
This will become a standard piece of the magic literature without a doubt. Personally, we wish this book would have been available already 25 years ago.”

Anca & Lucca

“Diamonds of Performance is intelligent, insightful, and frequently inspiring. It is impossible to read without tuning up one’s own magic for the better.”

David Regal

“This book is beautiful to read. You will be very pleased with the professional content and practical ideas.
The routines in this book are powerful work-horses that could make you a comfortable living. If you are serious about your magic, this is your next purchase.”

Jeff McBride

“A roadmap to creating quality magic. You’ll dive deep into Christian‘s thinking and discover an intelligent, eloquent and clear theoretical analysis of the performance of magic, and of what it takes to elevate it in the real world.”

Ta na manga

Table of Contents

Volume I

Foreword – Pit Hartling

1 — Trick
Construction of the Trick to Design Impossibility
Technical Execution to Portray Impossibility
Human Relevance and Symbolism
Personal Relevance for the Spectator
Personal Relevance for the Magician
Visual Esthetics
Auditory Esthetics
The Consistent Whole
Three-part structure

Case Studies in Dramatic Composition
Dramatic Composition of a Show

2 Performer
Social Status
Joy of Magic
Respect for the Audience
Radiate Energy
Rich Interior World
Effort put into Preparation
Background Knowledge
Reveal Humanity
Stagecraft & Communication
Physical Technique
Movement, Gaze, Voice, Preparation
Psychological Technique
Genuine Acting, Spontaneity, Feeling at Ease

3 Situation
Mood and Condition
Room Atmosphere
Stage Infrastructure

4 Interactions
Trick fits the Audience
Trick fits the Venue
Trick fits the Performer
Performer fits the Audience
Performer fits the Venue

Volume II

5 — Checklist

6 — Case Studies of Famous Acts
David Copperfield – Flying
Tom Mullica – Smoking Magic
Derren Brown – Oracle Act

7 — Tricks from my Repertoire
People & Concepts
Benefits & Products
Miser’s Dream
Dream Painting

8 — Me as a Performer
Social Status, Joy in Magic, Respect, Energy, Authenticity,
Interior World, Effort, Knowledge, Style,
Physical Stagecraft
Video Camera
Script Preparation

Microphone Holder
Expert Feedback
Psychological Stagecraft:
Ease in a Stressful Situation

9 — Optimizing my Situation
Sociodemographics and Mood


Diamonds of Performance Vol I & II

Hardcover, Volume I with 230 pages, Volume II with 222 pages
Every page printed in full color, with over 200 color photographs

“Can you recall the last time a highly successful pro magician has organized and recorded his thoughts on the presentation of magic into a clear, unified, ‘no-nonsense’ field theory of successful performance, supported by case examples in the form of fully detailed routines from his own repertoire? Me neither. That is what Christian Bischof has done in his book. It’s a one-off, and I strongly suggest you don’t miss it.”

Stephen Minch

“Good theory books are timeless. The works of Devant, Fitzkee, Sharpe, Nelms and others are diamonds on the bookshelves of the most successful magicians in the world. To these classics we can now add a new diamond, Christian’s Diamonds of Performance.
With a new perspective, he analyses what an act needs to be successful. I wish for many readers to adopt his thinking and to use it for their real world performances.”

Eberhard Riese

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