Diamonds of Performance


Thank you for purchasing the “Diamonds of Performance.” My bookstore will ship them to you as fast as possible, usually within a few of days. If you have ordered the Deluxe Edition, please allow for some extra time, as it is handcrafted one copy at a time.

As you know, good things come to those who wait. So, here are a few bonus videos to watch in the meantime. They’ll give you a quick introduction to some of the key concepts in the book.

Best wishes,
Christian Bischof


Bob Fitch: Warm-up. Take a breath. Look at one person.

Carefree preparation before the show

Mario Lopez: Feel at ease. Play with expectations.

Rubi Ferez: How to script. Be in the moment.

Andrea Baioni: Why you should enter a competition.

Personal relevance for the magician.

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