Virtual live show

Inspiration and Motivation
for Online Meetings

Interactive Inspiration and Motivation
for Virtual Meetings and Online Conferences

Online meetings are often too dry and dull. They make you feel exhausted. Instead, you can surprise and inspire virtual participants with live magic by Dr Christian Bischof. It‘s perfectly customized to your corporate topic and and fits your agenda. Every zoom participant is interactively involved in the magic through the screen. This produces happy smiles and amazed looks all around. Your company messages are coming across and result in higher team motivation. Everybody will thank you for setting this up.

European Championships
in Mental Magic

A First-class Digital Experience

Dr Christian Bischof is the winner of the European championships in mental magic. In his virtual show-act, he makes money appear for your group. In a Zoom meeting, he reads the minds of your management team. As a digital entertainer, he conjures up your conference theme. In his virtual keynote speech, he teaches you how to achieve impossible goals. And he always creates an atmosphere of fun and amazement that captivates your audience. This is a completely new experience that has nothing to do with canned video or a passive stream. It‘s live, it‘s interactive, it‘s incredible.

ROCHE — Pharma Technical Development Europe,
virtual team event for all levels and divisions,
250 participants

„Dear Christian, you have gifted us with a wonderful end of year event. Your show was full of variety, amusing and very entertaining. Your magic was amazing and highly innovative. The way you have involved and engaged our team members was one of a kind. They could play along interactively and experience the magic in their own homes, that was extra special. It was fantastic to have the entire show tailored to our department. This created a sense of appreciation for our team. Your hosting, your music, your professional performance … everything was just perfect.

Feedbacks we’ve got? Our team members were simply enthusiastic. They said, it was truly worth logging in, and the show was really great. They savored the great mood and had a blast. Many have said, that some tricks were absolutely incredible and that they had lots of fun watching.

We are 100% satisfied with this event and very happy about the program. You are extremely professional, and working with you was a pleasure. Your preparation was very good and well structured, as was your implementation. It couldn’t have gone better, and we would definitely do it again. Thank you so very much! I’d like to pay you a big compliment for your stellar performance. Even virtually, you have managed to make the show a breathtaking experience – that’s a brilliant feat.“

— H. Henning
Communications Specialist

BKW — M.C. in the virtual leadership meeting,
70 senior managers

AMGEN — virtual cycle meeting,
25 participants

3 Solutions For Your Online Event

1. virtual show-act (5-45 min)

Amazing magic and hilarious comedy. This lightens up the mood at your event. Your conference topics become more fascinating, create a buzz and are easily remembered.

2. virtual keynote speech (45-75 min)

Inspiring success stories combined with incredible mental magic. This motivates your participants and gets your messages across in an exciting way.

3. virtual workshop (60-120 Min)

Together we commit to big goals and create the mindset for success. Through interactive exercises, we produce real change that actually feels good.

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